Curated searches - save time with pre-built searches

Curated searches give you access to a growing library of pre-built searches carefully curated by our experienced research team. These are the key events, topics, and trends that we know will be of interest to you.

What are the benefits?

This addition is perfect for saving you time whilst enabling you to expand your knowledge of how to construct and edit high-quality searches to meet your unique needs.

All the searches are ready to go and can be used as they are. This can inspire and save significant time for existing users, but is also a great introduction to the product to new members or your team or for those who aren’t as familiar with search building.

The groundwork has all been done for solid ready-made searches, but they’re also a great starting point for users to adapt and customize searches to meet their own goals over time.

How to use timeline previous period

There are two ways to add a curated search to a dashboard.

The first is when creating a new dashboard using one of our selection of templates. The related topic options are found under the New Search button for all.

The second is to add it to an existing dashboard. This can be done by selecting Curated Search from the Add Search menu.

In both cases, the library menu will be displayed. You will be able to search, select the tags, or browse the panels to help discover what suits your needs.

Notes and best practices

Any curated search added to an existing dashboard will need to be saved for the changes to be made permanent. There is no risk of overwriting any existing searches on your dashboard.

Any customizations made to the Boolean search will also need to be saved. The original curated search will not be affected and can be added again if desired.

The curated search library will continue to grow and be maintained by our experienced teams at NewsWhip.

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