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NewsWhip is excited to announce a significant enhancement to our dashboard management, launching on April 4th, 2024. This update focuses on improving functionality, making it more efficient for users to quickly organize and collate their dashboards in Spike. These refinements are driven by user feedback and are designed to offer a more intuitive and less cluttered interface.

What are the changes?

  1. Bulk creation of groups: Users can now quickly bulk select multiple related dashboards to add to a new or existing group.
  2. Dashboard menu: Users can now make use of a new drag and drop dashboard side-menu which will be enabled after the first group creation.
  3. Optional adoption: Users who don't wish to use or take advantage of groups can choose to maintain the same homepage experience.


Questions and answers

Q: Do I need to enable this feature?

No, the functionality is automatically available. The 'Add to Group' button will appear when any dashboard or dashboards are selected.

Q: I want to delete a group. Is this possible? Are the dashboards contained within it deleted?

Yes, groups can be deleted. No, the dashboards contained within it are not deleted.

Q: Can I remove dashboards from a group?

Yes, just select 'Remove from Group' from the 3-dot menu of the dashboard(s) you wish to remove.

Q: How many dashboards can I add to a group? How many groups can I have? Is there a limit?

No, there is no limit to either.

Q: Can I name or rename these groups?

Yes, groups are easily named and renamed. Many of our users may already have their own dashboard naming conventions in place and these can now be quickly grouped.

Q: Can a dashboard be added to multiple groups?

Yes, the same dashboard can be added to multiple groups if relevant.

Q: Can dashboard groups be shared to team members?

No, all groups are unique to each user. However, dashboard copies can be sent to your team members.

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