Creating a dashboard

If you’re looking to build your very first dashboard, we have a quick-start guide for that which you can find here.

When building a dashboard, select which template you want to use or select Custom.


You’ll then be able to choose whether to use a new search or a saved search. If you’d like to use a saved search, simply click the ‘saved search’ option. We have advice on search creation in our section on searching within NewsWhip, which you can find here


Using a new search in a dashboard

If you’d like to use a new search, simply click the ‘new search’ option. 


You can then enter keywords and filter to find the articles and posts that match your search criteria. If you’re new to searching in NewsWhip, you can find our full guide to building a search here

Once you’ve finished creating your search, the dashboard will show a populated view of the widgets you selected, something like the dashboard below.


When you’re happy with it, you’ll be able to save and name the search by clicking on the save button. 

You have now saved a dashboard. You can revisit this dashboard at any time via the Homepage or Dashboards option in the sidebar. Your last created dashboards will appear at the top of the list of dashboards on your home screen.

Using a saved search in a dashboard

You can use saved searches across multiple dashboards. To do so, simply click the ‘saved search’ option. We have advice on search creation in our section on searching within NewsWhip, which you can find here.


And then select the search you wish to use. 


Once you’ve done that, the dashboard will open in the template of your choice, using the search you selected.


You can then add or remove widgets as necessary, as described in our Dashboard templates article.

Adding more than one search to a dashboard

Dashboards also offer you the option of seeing more than one search in a single view. To do so, you can click the ‘Add search’ button along the top bar of the dashboard, or click the ‘Add Search’ button from the dashboard card on your home screen.

You can then repeat the same process adding either a new search or a saved search to the dashboard. You can then view each search individually, as before, or in a combined view, as below.


If you have added the Timeline widget for more than one search widget, you’ll see the Combined Timeline widget in the All Searches view. This is useful for comparing public or media interest in searches over the same, or a different, time range. 

You can still access the individual Timeline Widgets by selecting the search in the top navigation bar. 

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