Dashboard templates

To save time, you can select one of the preconfigured Dashboard Templates  — monitoring, crisis, and research. These each come pre-loaded with widgets optimized for the particular use case. 

Choosing your template

The Monitoring template includes real-time feeds for Web Articles, Facebook Posts, Reddit Posts, and Tweets. This is ideal for monitoring a brand, topic, or issue across multiple networks simultaneously. 


The Crisis template includes the Timeline Widget, Web Articles and Reddit feeds, and a Top Authors leaderboard. This is ideal for monitoring a developing crisis or issue.


The Research template includes the Timeline Widget, Web Articles and Facebook Post feeds, and a Top Websites leaderboard. This is ideal for researching events, campaigns or topics. By default, the dashboard will display information from the last 30 days. However, you can select a time range of up to 90 days from Jan. 2018 until now. 


Adding and removing widgets

All of these templates are merely a starting point and are fully customizable in the same way starting from scratch would be. You can add or remove widgets by clicking on the Add Widget prompt to the right of the screen.


You can then toggle which widgets you would like to add or remove from the dashboard by clicking the +/- button in the view. 


You can also click on the maximize icon in the top right of feed and leaderboard widgets to maximize the widget and show more in-depth data from within your dashboard.


Now let’s take a detailed look at how to create a dashboard.




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