NewsWhip for CrowdTangle Users

This video and article is aimed at current or former CrowdTangle users who are looking to understand why NewsWhip is positioned as the best alternative tool when the platform is sunsetted on 14th August 2024.

Are you looking for something more advanced?

There is a full beginner's learning path for those who want to learn about Spike in greater detail.

What is NewsWhip?

NewsWhip Spike is a real-time media monitoring platform that discovers web and social content within minutes of publication, and continuously tracks public engagement with that content across social media.

We empower professionals, like yourself, to monitor and manage live issues. These could range from discovering new content, predicting which stories will go viral, benchmarking with competitors, and identifying top voices.

What networks does NewsWhip cover?

NewsWhip adds web, Twitter/X, and YouTube monitoring on top of what CrowdTangle offers. Below is a detailed comparison of the coverage differences between NewsWhip and CrowdTangle:

Network NewsWhip CrowdTangle
Facebook Facebook pages Facebook pages, groups, and verified profiles
Instagram Business & creator accounts including videos and reels Public accounts excluding videos and reels
LinkedIn All Company Pages dating back to July 1st 2023 X
Web Articles Websites and feeds X
Twitter/X >290k users (includes most verified users) X
TikTok >25k most influential accounts and all major publishers X
Reddit Every post & comment from non-NSFW subreddits ~20k of the most active subreddits
YouTube >34k channels X

What are dashboards, widgets, metrics, and alerts?

The video above will explain things more succinctly, but they are the main components of NewsWhip Spike. Widgets contain the results of the searches created. These can be sorted by various metrics to provide insights. Alerts can be created and sent to yourself or others either as a real-time "warning" or as a daily or weekly summary. Here is a list of some key features with a more detailed explanation:

Timeline widget
Highest velocity metric
Overperforming metric
Predicted interactions metric
AI Digests
Report Builder
Historical Analysis

Questions and answers

Q: How do I replicate my CrowdTangle lists?

NewsWhip is built from searches and dashboards. You can add specific sites, accounts, or pages to a search to track them, effectively replicating a CrowdTangle list. These searches can be duplicated or added to team searches.

Q: I need to regularly monitor specific Facebook pages and Twitter/X account. Can I do this?

Yes, you can set up a search or searches and simply add these specific pages or accounts. The relevant widgets will be displayed on the dashboard providing a variety of filter options.

Q: I can't find a specific website or social media account to add to a search?

We do track the majority of these, but our customer success managers will work with you during onboarding to bulk check and submit important sources for you. If any slip through, you can always email our implementation team on to have these added.

Q: Does NewsWhip track Facebook Groups?

No, we do not have access to Groups data.

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