How to Use NewsWhip Spike in 5 Minutes

This video is aimed at those who have been sent a NewsWhip dashboard and want to quickly know where to begin.

Are you looking for something more advanced?

There is a full beginner's learning path for those who want to learn about Spike in greater detail.

What is NewsWhip?

NewsWhip Spike is a real-time monitoring platform unique in its predictive media insights.

We empower professionals, such as yourself, to monitor and manage live issues. These could range from the proactive tracking of campaigns or potential issues to the reactive response to an event or a crisis.

Why have I been sent here?

Well, the good news is that your colleague values you. They believe your eyes should be on this data.

They have created a specific search or searches with distinct criteria for you and your company. They have then created a dashboard and added relevant widgets consisting of content feeds and visualizations. 

Hopefully, they have also added a note to assist you…

What should I be doing?

Generally, you might help to pose or answer questions such as:

  1. What narratives are resonating with the public?
  2. What are the media focusing on?
  3. Are they changing for better or for worse?
  4. Is a breaking story significant?
  5. How should we react?
  6. Should we even react?
  7. How do we compare to competitors?
  8. How successful was our campaign?
  9. Are there any opportunities here?
  10. Does this need to be shared?

What are dashboards, widgets, metrics, and alerts?

The video above will explain things more succinctly, but they are the main components of NewsWhip Spike. Widgets contain the results of the searches created. These can be sorted by various metrics to provide insights. Alerts can be created and sent to yourself or others either as a real-time "warning" or as a daily or weekly summary. Here is a list of some key features with a more detailed explanation:

Timeline widget
Highest velocity metric
Overperforming metric
Predicted interactions metric
AI digests

Questions and answers

Q: What do I do if I haven't received any login details or dashboards?

Please reach out to your internal colleague for clarification or contact our dedicated Customer Success team via

Q: Are these my dashboards? Do I need to worry about changing anything?

Yes, they are your dashboards. A copy has been shared with you and the original won't be impacted.

Q: How can I add or remove  widgets?

Please reach out to your internal colleague for any requests such as this.

Q: How can I create my own searches?

Please reach out to your internal colleague or our Customer Education team. We would be more than happy to assist you in becoming a more active user.

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