What is NewsWhip?

NewsWhip is a real-time media monitoring tool that helps you with day-to-day monitoring, crisis management, and topical research. 

NewsWhip tracks the world’s media - discovering new articles and posts within minutes of publication. We then measure the number of social interactions each web article and post generates in close to real-time. We use this information to understand each article’s velocity and to predict the level of engagement articles will attract in the immediate future. 

This information is made available to users through fully customizable dashboards which can be used for day-to-day monitoring, crisis management, or topical research. Dashboards include real-time Feeds of web articles and social posts, Leaderboards of Authors, Websites and Communities, and Timeline charts that show how interest is changing over time. 

For more information on the networks we cover and what our metrics mean, head over to our NewsWhip metrics section.


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