What are widgets?

Widgets are the constituent parts of dashboards.

The three main types of widget are: 

  1. Feed widgets, which are powered by searches and present a feed of posts from the different platforms we track
  2. Leaderboard widgets, which amalgamate data from across many posts and present that data on an aggregate level
  3. Timeline widgets, which show how the media and public have engaged with a given topic over a specified time period 

There are also widgets that do not fall into any of these categories, which you can find in our Other widgets section.

Each widget shows up in a minimized view by default, as below.


However, if you want more detail on a particular widget, simply click the button below to maximize the widget. 


This will give you a maximized, more detailed view of the information, which looks like this:


Now, let’s look at the types of widget you’ll find in NewsWhip, beginning with our feed widgets.


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