Team searches

What is a team search?

Team searches are a simple way of creating and monitoring searches as a team. 

They are visible to, and can be added to dashboards, by anyone on your NewsWhip Spike team.

Your searches are all private by default. To make a search public to your team, simply hit the “Add to Team Searches” button from the search options.

Who can edit a Team Search?

Only the owner of a search can make edits. If you are the owner, the changes you make will be visible to others on your team. 

If you are not the owner, you can choose to 'Save a Copy' to make changes and make the search unique to you.

Where can I find the Team Searches section? 

You can choose to add any team search from within a dashboard. You only need to select 'Team Search' after selecting the '+ Add Search' icon.

Can I share a dashboard with my team?

Yes, you can share a dashboard with anyone in your team. This can be done using dashboard sending.

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