Historical Analysis - live issues with historical context

We're excited to announce this latest feature which enables searches of up to 12 months, allowing our users to widen the lens on real-time decision-making and navigate challenges with comprehensive historical context.

What are the benefits?

Widen the lens to better contextualize live issues as they unfold. Place fluctuating issues within a year's context, track their development, enhance understanding, and enable informed, strategic responses.

Monitor ongoing societal and political topics relevant to your brand. From global elections to sustainability and public health crises, get a complete picture within a single continuous timeline for easier analysis and reporting

How does it work?


Historical Analysis can be accessed on every web widget date picker. It enhances the previous limit time range for a search from 90 days up to a full year. This allows for quick yearly searches, but also allows for more flexibility in customizing all time ranges.

As of today, all web widgets will support extended time ranges. These include Timeline, Top People & Brands, Change in interest highlight, leaderboard widgets for Top Authors and Top Websites, as well as the indispensable Web Articles widget. This also includes our recent Report Builder which will be compatible for one-click reporting in PDF or PowerPoint format.

With this feature upgrade, customers will have access to over six years of dependable insights going back to 2018, with the ability to look at a full year at a time in a single search. This enhancement reaffirms our commitment to delivering reliable, detailed, and fast data exactly where you need it.

NewsWhip is committed to continually improving our platform and customer experience. The second phase of Historical Analysis will roll-out in Q3 2024 with social networks supported including Facebook, Twitter/X, Reddit, Instagram, TikTok, and in our LinkedIn beta program.

Historical Analysis Add-On Access

Please note that Historical Analysis is a paid add-on for NewsWhip Spike. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for further details or any inquiries about pricing.

Questions and answers

Q: Can I create year by year comparisons?

Yes, you can duplicate your original search and set the Full Year to a different year. You can then compare the years on the combined timeline.

Q: Some of my widgets are still restricted to 90 days?

Historical Analysis launches with full integration across all web widgets. The second phase will include social widgets. If the Full Year option is disabled in all widgets then your team don't have access.

Q: Does the feature work with full text search?

Yes, all NewsWhip Spike searches allow you to filter by headline only, headline and summary, and full article.

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