Microsoft Teams - real-time alerts direct to your channels

We're excited to announce this new addition as part of our ongoing commitment to deliver insights on demand. This latest feature release allows you to experience NewsWhip's real-time alerts directly in your Microsoft Teams channels.

Important note:

You need to have an existing Microsoft Teams license and a NewsWhip Spike account for this integration to work.

How does it work?

As you may know, real-time alerts can be created from searches in your NewsWhip Spike dashboard. These cover the Web articles, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube networks. Alert criteria can be determined and set-up for a delivery channel such as the new Microsoft Teams integration.

The process for setting up alerts in public and private channels is different, but both should integrate seamlessly into your Microsoft Teams workflow. Please review the guidelines below:

Public channels

You are able to establish the connection and create alerts for public channels all from within NewsWhip Spike. To begin:

  1. Connect Microsoft Teams: Access the Apps menu in Spike, then select and confirm your Microsoft Teams account. You will only need to do this once.
  2. Set up real-time alerts: In your Spike dashboard, select the desired search, and configure your alert preferences.
  3. Choose MS Teams for delivery: Select MS Teams as your delivery channel, choose a team, pick a public channel, and save your settings.

Public channel.gif

Alerts will appear in the chosen public channel based on your alert preferences. You can review the metrics and click through to view the full articles or posts.

Private channels

You are required to add and configure a connector for each private channel from within Microsoft Teams in order to establish the connection to set-up real-time alerts. To begin:

  1. Add and configure a connector: If you've already set up an alert for a public channel in NewsWhip Spike, the connector app will automatically be added to your team. If not, you'll need to manually add the connector app at the team level.
  2. Configure the private channel: In your desired private channel in Microsoft Teams, select "more options", then “Connectors”, and configure accordingly. Upon configuration, the private channel will receive a welcome message.
  3. Set up real-time alerts: With the channel ready, return to NewsWhip Spike. Select your search, configure your alert preferences, choose MS Teams as your delivery channel, pick the private channel, and save.

Private channel.gif

Alerts will appear in the chosen private channel based on your alert preferences. Again, you can review the metrics and click through to view full articles or posts.

Important note:

You will need to add and configure a connector for every private channel you want to connect to NewsWhip Spike.

Questions and answers

Q: I tried to connect to Microsoft Teams, but it says I need admin approval?

Some users might encounter an authorization screen indicating the need for admin permissions. In such cases, you will need to contact someone in your own organization with the required administrative rights to enable the integration. 

Q: Do users need admin status in NewsWhip Spike to initiate the integration?

No, the integration is client-centric and so any NewsWhip Spike user can establish the connection. However, a user might not have the required permissions in Microsoft Teams, and so they will be informed and advised to secure them to proceed.

Q: Can I connect multiple Microsoft Teams accounts to NewsWhip Spike?

No, at present, you can only connect a singular Microsoft Teams account.

Q: Can I send or share a single piece of content from NewsWhip Spike to Microsoft Teams? 

No, at present, the integration is only established for real-time alerts. 

Q: Is it possible to send alerts to “Chat” in Microsoft Teams? 

No, at present, “Chat” isn't directly supported for alert dispatch. However, as a workaround, users could create a new team with another individual(s) to act as a default alert chat experience.

Q: Is there a prediction score attached to the alert notification? 

No, at present, alerts do not carry a predictive score. However, you can set a custom threshold for predicted interactions during alert setup.

Q: Can channel members without access to NewsWhip Spike view these alerts? 

Yes, absolutely. They will be able to view all real-time alerts in the public and private Microsoft Teams channels they are in.

Q: Can I send AI Digests to a Microsoft Teams channel?

No, not directly. However, you can share a digest email received in Microsoft Outlook to a Teams channel. External link to instructions.

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