Pausing and editing alerts

To pause or edit your alerts, you can go to the alerts section of NewsWhip Spike. To navigate here, click ‘Alerts’ on the menu bar on the left-hand menu bar. 


This will take you to the Alerts Centre, which contains all the alerts you have set up.


From here, you can pause and edit your alerts. 

To edit your alerts, click the pencil button to the right of each alert. 


If you want to edit the parameters of your search, you can do so in the pop-up that then appears. If you need a reminder of what everything means, look at our real-time and scheduled alerts guides.


If you don’t want to edit the triggers for the alert but do want to pause it, you can toggle the alert from active to paused with the toggle button at the bottom of the pop-up.


You can re-activate the search at any time by pressing the button again.

Once you’ve finished editing, hit save, and the changes to your alert will be saved.


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