Report Builder - turn dashboards into executive-level insights

We're excited to announce this latest feature which allows our users to instantly turn dashboards into executive-level insights.

What are the benefits?

Efficient reporting - This addition eliminates the need for manual processes, such as taking screenshots or compiling reports, drastically reducing the time and effort previously required. The builder allows users to add their own insights, along with some pre-populated descriptions regarding changes, and export them in PDF and PowerPoint formats with a single click.

Insights on demand - This latest product update is part of our continued commitment to bringing insights to our clients where they need them, and builds on our previous releases of AI Digests and Microsoft Teams. With Report Builder, you’ll get streamlined insights in easily shareable formats for swift and confident decision-making.

How does it work?

The Report Builder is now available to all users and can be accessed from any dashboard. It can be accessed from the Create Report button in the top toolbar. All data, widgets, and selection choices such as date ranges from the dashboard will be captured from the moment this is clicked.

Super Final Report Builder.gif

The initial slides will provide an overview of articles, interest over time which is essentially the timeline widget, and social posts. This is if you have two or more searches. Each search will also have its own overviews. These will also show the change in interest percentages when a standard time range such as 24 hours or 1 week is selected for the search.

Text description on some slides is pre-populated. These describe the change in interest referenced in the slide visualization. You are free to remove or tweak these by simply clicking on them. The maximum limit is 400 characters.

All slides are editable and this is where you can really add your own personalized commentary to fully inform your stakeholders and aid in their decision-making.

All slides are ordered by how they appear in the dashboard, but you do have control over what is visible.

One important point to note is that any changes made or comments added will be lost if you go back to the dashboard or close the browser.

Questions and answers

Q: Can I add my own comments in the report before exporting?

Yes, you will be able to add your own insights on each slide up to a maximum of 400 characters. 

Q: Can I manually move slides in the report?

No, the automated report 'captures' everything including the order of searches and widgets. However, you are able to hide certain slides or entire searches if desired.

Q: I don't see change in interest figures and some descriptions are missing?

The change in interest and pre-populated descriptions depend on the time range set for each search. A standard time range such as 24 hours or 1 week will work, but any Since or Custom options won't work as there is no 'previous time period' to compare.

Q: Why do the colors on my report covers keep changing? 

The report cover is a unique gradient of the colors assigned to your searches in the dashboard.

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