What is the methodology behind your topic and country categorisation?

NewsWhip allows you to refine stories, videos or posts using 3 types of filters; Country, Language and Category. Before we add sources into our system, we tag them using these 3 filters.

Country is tagged based on where the source is located. We determine this by checking what is listed on the website and social channels. In a case where the location is deemed to cover the world e.g World Health Organisation - we tag the source with the location ‘World’.

We determine and tag language based on the language a source publishes in. If a source publishes in more than one language, we will track the page of each language that the website publishes in e.g https://www.osler.com/fr and https://www.osler.com/en.

In the rare case where a source publishes with more than one language under one page, we will tag the predominant publishing language determined by our implementation team. It's worth noting that when discovering content for multiple sources, we display the country flag of the last source we received the URL from.

Category is tagged by the topic to which the content most relates. NewsWhip has over 120 topics from which to choose. Using pre-established and tested internal QA methodologies, our implementation team inspects each new source to determine the most relevant topic.


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