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NewsWhip cannot collect content from all sites because of paywalls. There are different types of paywalls, and therefore different levels of access for our technology. 

Below we will outline the different types of paywalls and how that impacts our ability to track content. Note that the list of example sites is not exhaustive. 

Metered Paywall

If you visit these sites in your browser, you can view a limited number of articles for a given time period. When you reach the limit, you can no longer view the full-text of articles unless you subscribe. 

In Spike and Analytics, these sites are:

  • Fully tracked (i.e., all articles discovered)
  • Fully scored (i.e., all articles scored)
  • Mostly searchable (i.e., you may not be able to search the full-text of all articles)


Hard Paywall

If you visit sites with a hard paywall in your browser, you cannot view any content without first logging in. 

In Spike and Analytics, these sites are:

  • Not fully tracked: We cannot guarantee coverage of all articles. 
  • Not fully scored: We'll only score articles we discover. 
  • Not searchable: You cannot search the full-text of the article. 


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