The ‘Configure’ tab

The ‘Configure’ tab is where you can define what data you want to get from NewsWhip, and where you’d like us to put it in your sheet. It looks like this:


Here’s what everything does:

  1. ‘My sheet has column headers’ checkbox: If you have a header row in your sheet, we’ll use the names of the columns on this page instead of the letter of the column.
  2. NewsWhip data: On the left you can see the NewsWhip data that will be returned when you search.
  3. Columns: On the right you can see and select which columns you’d like the data to be placed into. In this example, the add-on will always place article headlines in column A.
  4. More Options: By default, we show you Headline, URL, Date, and Facebook Total Interactions. You can choose more options of data by selecting from this drop-down.
  5. Column Headers: If you don’t have a header row and would like one, clicking Insert Headers will add headers for all the NewsWhip data you have chosen.
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