How to use NewsWhip Sheets

What is NewsWhip Sheets?

NewsWhip Sheets is an add-on that allows you to fetch data from NewsWhip Spike and have it populated quickly into the Google Sheet you are using. You can look up a set of URLs or perform a search to find content.

Getting started

  1. Login in to your Google account and have your NewsWhip Spike login credentials at hand.
  2. Visit the Google Workspace Marketplace by clicking here and install the add-on.
  3. Open a Google Sheets file, click the Extensions tab, and select the NewsWhip Sheets add-on.
  4. Enter your Spike login details if required and continue to configure your columns.
  5. Click the URLs tab in the add-on, paste/select all your URLs, and click the Get Data button.
  6. Format your Google Sheets to your desired format.

You can also choose the Keywords tab to search by keyword or source. Data will be populated in your Google Sheets under the configured columns with any formatting maintained.

What data is available in the add-on?

URL, Headline, Date, Link to Spike, Facebook total interactions, Facebook predicted interactions, Twitter shares, and Twitter predicted shares.

What do you track?

Your NewsWhip for Sheets user ID, so that we know who you are.

The keywords you enter, and the filters you choose, so that we can look up what you need.

The URLs you highlighted, so that we can look up information about them.

Some actions within the add-on using Google Analytics to help us understand which features are being used.

Can I use NewsWhip Sheets without a NewsWhip Spike account?

No, I'm afraid access to the add-on is dependent on access to Spike.

What is the “exceeded max exec time” error?

Google places limits on the amount of time add-ons can perform tasks such as looking up long lists of URL details.

If you receive this error, please try to source the URL data in smaller batches.

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