Types of Dashboards

In Analytics, you can create 5 types of dashboards to slice and dice historical data:


Analyze Keywords

Research social performance around keywords, topics, locations or languages. Toggle between viewing stories that have been published on the Web, posted on Facebook, or see who the top web authors are. Understand how engagement trends change over time. Analyze how different types of media posted on Facebook resulted in interaction levels. View Facebook engagements, Twitter influencer shares, and Pinterest pins.

Analyze Websites

Benchmark social performance of selected sites and compare domains head-to-head. View Facebook engagements, Twitter Influencer shares, LinkedIn shares, and Pinterest pins.

Analyze Facebook Pages

Compare Facebook pages in a head-to-head format. See which pages garner the most interactions over time, and understand how different media posts correspond to interaction levels.

Analyze Instagram Hashtags

Compare Instagram hashtags and see which hashtags performed the best over time. View which accounts drove the highest interaction levels.

Analyze Instagram Accounts

Compare Instagram accounts over time. See likes, comments, and post types on each account.  Analyze whether photos, videos, or carousels performed the best for a given account.


Each dashboard type provides you with unique insight into your search criteria.

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