All about the ‘Configure’ tab.

Meet the ‘Configure’ tab of the add-on. This is where you can define what data you want to get from NewsWhip, and where you’d like us to put it in your sheet. It looks like this:


Here’s what everything does:

  1. ‘My sheet has column headers’ checkbox: If you have a header row in your sheet, we’ll use the names of the columns on this page instead of the letter of the column.
  2. NewsWhip data: On the left you can see the NewsWhip data that will be returned when you search.
  3. Columns: On the right you can see and select which columns you’d like the data to be placed into. In this example, the add-on will always place article headlines in column A.
  4. More Options: By default, we show you Headline, URL, Date, and Facebook Total Interactions. You can choose from more pieces of data by clicking here.
  5. Column Headers: If you don’t have a header row and would like one, clicking Insert Headers will add headers for all the NewsWhip data you have chosen.
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