Analyze Instagram Accounts Charts

Instagram Accounts Analysis Chart

This top chart shows post count, average interactions, and total interactions for the Instagram account in which you are interested.


Post Type Breakdown- Interactions Chart

The Post Type Breakdown table shows the social engagement each type of Instagram post has drawn for each account analyzed.

  1. This includes photo, video, and carousel interactions
  2. You can change the view between total interactions, average interactions, and post count. You can also filter on interaction type to see a breakout for likes or comments.
  3. This is a great way to see how each post type performed overall when compared to others.


Over Time Comparison Chart

This chart will show you engagement over time. You can see when notable spikes of engagement occurred and break out the specific posts that caused the spikes.

  1. If we highlight a specific spike we can expand the content panel to see which posts are responsible.
  2. You can change the chart view, post type, and engagement type to adjust the results in your chart.


Post Type Breakdown Charts

These charts let us see the volume of posts by post type for each Instagram account



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