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Here at NewsWhip, we’re so immersed in providing real-time data that we overlooked a valuable insight - not everyone in your team wants their updates by the minute.

Well, we’ve heard your feedback, and we’re pleased to announce our new weekly digest option for our scheduled alerts.

What are the benefits?

Optimize your reporting: We understand that daily reports can be too frequent for busy teams. Weekly digests offer a succinct summary of the week's crucial stories and trends - an ideal solution for executive briefings and strategic conversations.

Prevent alert fatigue: We know that daily alerts for certain searches can be overwhelming and lead to important information being overlooked. Weekly digests can prioritize quality over quantity where needed, ensuring you only receive the most relevant insights.

Automate wider awareness: We recognize the need for efficiency and greater reach in your reporting. Weekly digests enable you to automate the delivery of a consolidated weekly view, allowing you and your wider team to keep a confident eye on competitors and critical topics.

How does it work?

Weekly digests can be set-up like any other scheduled alert. First, select Weekly from the frequency drop down menu. Next, select the day of the week and the preferred time.



Questions and answers

Q: How many articles or posts will be in the digest?

The weekly digest email includes the top 12 posts or articles that week for the search the scheduled alert was created for.

Q: Does the weekly digest email work for all networks?

Yes, the weekly digest will work for all networks similar to any other scheduled alert. This includes Web, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Q: I want to consolidate everything into one digest email. Is that possible?

The weekly digest is like any other scheduled alert and so it is linked to that search and widget. The team are continuing to work on reporting improvements in the future.

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